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AVC | Atropine eyedrops can prevent the onset and delay the progression of myopia in children
Pérez González E, Martínez Rubio M.V. Evid Pediatr. 2024;20:16
AVC | In children with uncontrolled severe pediatric allergic asthma, the use of omalizumab could be a cost-effective option
Ortega Páez E, González Rodríguez MP. Evid Pediatr. 2024;20:17
AVC | Pregnant woman vaccine against group B streptococcus produces protective immunity at birth
Albi Rodríguez MS, Cuestas Montañés EJ. Evid Pediatr. 2024;20:18
AVC | Late mortality in patients of childhood cancers. Could we modify its incidence?
Martínez Rubio M.V, Perdikidis Olivieri L. Evid Pediatr. 2024;20:19
AVC | The use of thiopurines in inflammatory bowel disease is associated with an increased risk of cancer
Ochoa Sangrador C, Ortega Páez E. Evid Pediatr. 2024;20:20
AVC | The prevalence of depression up to the beginning of the pandemic has been low and unchanged over time
Balado Insunza MN, Esparza Olcina MJ. Evid Pediatr. 2024;20:21
AVC | Deferred (umbilical) cord clamping in preterm infants reduces mortality before hospital discharge
Carvajal Encina F, Aparicio Sánchez JL. Evid Pediatr. 2024;20:22
AVC | From what gestational age should we follow the neurodevelopment of preterm newborns?
Cabrera Morente L, Esparza Olcina MJ. Evid Pediatr. 2024;20:23
AVC | Levetiracetam and lamotrigine in monotherapy produce a lower risk of malformations during pregnancy
Cabrera Morente L, Aparicio Rodrigo M. Evid Pediatr. 2024;20:24
AVC | The use of probiotics does not seem to improve growth in malnourished children
Molina Arias M, Rodríguez-Salinas Pérez E. Evid Pediatr. 2024;20:25
Bases of evidence based medicine
MBE | Calculadoras para análisis estratificado
Pérez-Moneo Agapito B, Ochoa Sangrador C, Cabrera Morente L. Evid Pediatr. 2024;20:26
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