Critically appraised articles
AVC | Are children under one year susceptible to measles?
Flores Villar S, Ortega Páez E. Evid Pediatr. 2020;16:15
AVC | Weak evidence in favour of hydroxychloroquina in COVID-19 patients
Ochoa Sangrador C, Andrés de Llano JM. Evid Pediatr. 2020;16:16
AVC | Efficacy of a tetravalent dengue vaccine in healthy children and adolescents
Ochoa Sangrador C, Andrés de Llano JM. Evid Pediatr. 2020;16:17
AVC | Autism spectrum disorder: the limited benefits of dietary treatment
Pérez-Moneo Agapito B, Molina Arias M. Evid Pediatr. 2020;16:18
AVC | Omalizumab is a treatment option for children with severe atopic dermatitis who do not respond to other treatments
Aparicio Rodrigo M, Albi Rodríguez MS. Evid Pediatr. 2020;16:19
AVC | Faster increments in milk volume do not increase the risk of necrotizing enterocolitis in very preterm infants
Rivas Fernández MÁ, Cuestas Montañés EJ. Evid Pediatr. 2020;16:20
AVC | Self-harm in adolescents is associated with higher risk of death and suicide
Fraile Astorga G, González Rodríguez P. Evid Pediatr. 2020;16:21
AVC | The greater the child poverty, the worse physical and mental health
Esparza Olcina MJ, Flores Villar S. Evid Pediatr. 2020;16:22
AVC | Vaccinating infants younger than 9 months against measles in risky settings may be indicated
Ruiz-Canela Cáceres J, García Vera C. Evid Pediatr. 2020;16:26
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Bases of evidence based medicine
MBE | Inferencia estadística: estimación del tamaño muestral
Ochoa Sangrador C, Molina Arias M, Ortega Páez E. Evid Pediatr. 2020;16:24
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