Editor's Choice
Fetal surgery: evidence and experience
ED | Young people and adolescent sexuality
García Mañas A, Martín Perpiñán C. Evid Pediatr. 2011;7:27
ED | Fetal surgery: evidence and experience
de Agustín Asensio JC. Evid Pediatr. 2011;7:28
Critically appraised articles
AVC | The evidence linking diabetes type 1 infection with enteroviruses is currently insufficient
Guarch Ibáñez B, Llerena Santa Cruz E, Buñuel Álvarez JC. Evid Pediatr. 2011;7:29
AVC | Antibiotic treatment for acute otitis media offer resolution of symptoms approximately one day before
Benito Herreros AM, Ruiz-Canela Cáceres J, Martín Muñoz P. Evid Pediatr. 2011;7:30
AVC | Seasonal influenza vaccination campaigns have poor response among health care personnel
Carreazo Pariasca NY, Cuervo Valdés JJ. Evid Pediatr. 2011;7:31
AVC | Fetal surgery can improve the prognosis of children with myelomeningocele
González de Dios J, Buñuel Álvarez JC. Evid Pediatr. 2011;7:32
AVC | Topical antitussives should not be used widely to treat upper respiratory infections
García Vera C, Buñuel Álvarez JC. Evid Pediatr. 2011;7:33
AVC | Second-hand smoke in non-smoking pregnant women; effects on fetal and newborn outcomes
Cuello García CA, Pérez Gaxiola G. Evid Pediatr. 2011;7:34
AVC | Adolescent men's attitudes toward teenage pregnancy
González Rodríguez MP, Velarde Mayol C. Evid Pediatr. 2011;7:35
AVC | Intravitreal bevacizumab is effective as treatment of infants with severe retinopathy of prematurity
González de Dios J, Molina Arias M. Evid Pediatr. 2011;7:36
AVC | In adolescent boys high diastolic blood pressure is associated with increased risk of early mortality
Jullien S, Buñuel Álvarez JC. Evid Pediatr. 2011;7:37
AVC | In adolescents excessive Internet use appears to be associated with health problems
Rivas Fernández MÁ, Buñuel Álvarez JC. Evid Pediatr. 2011;7:38
AVC | Pelvic radiography should not be routinely performed in the study of blunt trauma
Andrés de Llano JM, Ochoa Sangrador C. Evid Pediatr. 2011;7:39
AVC | The health advice in textbooks are based on a poor level of evidence
Sánchez Bueno I, Cortés Marina RB, Buñuel Álvarez JC. Evid Pediatr. 2011;7:40
AVC | The early introduction of complementary food in infants can lead to obesity
Aparicio Rodrigo M, García Vera C. Evid Pediatr. 2011;7:41
AVC | Bronchodilators and corticosteroids in acute bronchiolitis: nebulised adrenaline and little else
Ochoa Sangrador C, González de Dios J. Evid Pediatr. 2011;7:42
AVC | Zinc for the prevention and treatment of common cold
Carvajal Encina F, Puebla Molina SF. Evid Pediatr. 2011;7:43
AVC | How much improves hypertonic saline 5% acute bronchiolitis?
Orejón de Luna G, Fernández Rodríguez MM. Evid Pediatr. 2011;7:44
AVC | Indomethacin versus ibuprofen for closure of patent ductus arteriosus: the question is not about effectiveness, it's about safety
de Armas Iglesias I, González de Dios J, Aparicio Sánchez JL. Evid Pediatr. 2011;7:45
AVC | Omalizumab improves asthma control in patients with moderate to severe allergic asthma
Rivas Juesas C, Gimeno Díaz de Atauri Á. Evid Pediatr. 2011;7:46
Bases of evidence based medicine
MBE | Reporting guidelines in research studies and the EQUATOR Network
González de Dios J, Buñuel Álvarez JC, González Rodríguez MP. Evid Pediatr. 2011;7:47
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