ED | Cuidado madre canguro. Siempre en el horizonte
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Critically appraised articles
AVC | Quinolones in teenagers: a relative contraindication, not absolute
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AVC | COVID-19 infection during pregnancy is associated with increased neonatal morbidity and maternal morbidity and mortality
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AVC | Infants with a low birth weight who received immediate kangaroo mother care had lower mortality at 28 days
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AVC | Treatment of abdominal functional pain: the eternal debate
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AVC | For COVID-19 diagnosis, salivary sample detects fewer cases than nasopharyngeal exudate
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AVC | The BCG vaccine provides additional benefits in high neonatal morbimortality backgrounds.
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Bases of evidence based medicine
MBE | Regresión lineal simple
Molina Arias M, Ochoa Sangrador C, Ortega Páez E. Evid Pediatr. 2021;17:46
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