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Pediatric palliative care: the opinion of parents, child and health professionals
ED | Information technologies and communication and Evidencias en Pediatría
González de Dios J, Buñuel Álvarez JC, González Rodríguez MP. Evid Pediatr. 2012;8:2
Making well-informed clinical decisions based on the current scientific evidence: from the article to the patient
AAP | Therapy with melatonin in school aged children and adolescents whit sleep onset insomnia
Barroso Espadero D, Ugarte Libano R. Evid Pediatr. 2012;8:3
Critically appraised articles
AVC | Use of epidural analgesia in nulliparous women could increase instrumental labor and cesarean section
Aparicio Sánchez JL, Carvajal Encina F. Evid Pediatr. 2012;8:4
AVC | Breastfeeding is associated with a lower incidence of behaviour disorders in childhood
Perdikidis Olivieri L, Martín Muñoz P. Evid Pediatr. 2012;8:5
AVC | Therapy with intravenous immune-globulins doesn’t seem to have any effect on the outcomes of suspected or proven neonatal sepsis in preterm newborns
Molina Arias M, Aparicio Sánchez JL. Evid Pediatr. 2012;8:6
AVC | Consumption of chocolate may reduce the incidence of some cardiovascular diseases
Buñuel Álvarez JC, Lojo Pons P. Evid Pediatr. 2012;8:7
AVC | Supplementation of vitamin A in low income countries is effective in reducing morbidity and mortality in children under five years of age
Guarch Ibáñez B, Llerena Santa Cruz E, Buñuel Álvarez JC. Evid Pediatr. 2012;8:8
AVC | We can suspect alcohol or cannabis abuse with one or two simple questions in the emergency department
González Rodríguez MP, Velarde Mayol C. Evid Pediatr. 2012;8:9
AVC | Is a catch-up dose of 13-valent pneumococcal vaccine cost-effective?
Ochoa Sangrador C, Andrés de Llano JM. Evid Pediatr. 2012;8:10
AVC | Oral acyclovir suppression therapy could be of benefit for neurodevelopmental outcomes in children who had neonatal herpes
Cuello García CA, Pérez Gaxiola G. Evid Pediatr. 2012;8:11

Results of antenatal steroids in the limit of viability

González de Dios J, Molina Arias M. Evid Pediatr. 2012;8:12
AVC | Chemotherapy or supportive care in cancer that cannot be cured: preferences of parents and professionals
Aizpurua Galdeano P, Esparza Olcina MJ. Evid Pediatr. 2012;8:13
AVC | In patients with cystic fibrosis with the mutation G551D, ivacaftor can improve lung function and other clinical parameters
Buñuel Álvarez JC, Lojo Pons P, Castan Campanera A. Evid Pediatr. 2012;8:14
AVC | In children with sleep problems, a behavioral intervention is effective?
Buñuel Álvarez JC, Rivas Fernández MÁ, Jullien S. Evid Pediatr. 2012;8:15
AVC | The early introduction of potentially allergenic foods does not appear to be related to wheezing or eczema
Cuestas Montañés EJ, Ortega Páez E. Evid Pediatr. 2012;8:16
AVC | Can we save one dose of pneumococcal vaccine in the first year of life?
Fernández Rodríguez MM, Orejón de Luna G. Evid Pediatr. 2012;8:17
AVC | There is insufficient evidence supporting the combining use of ibuprofen and paracetamol in the treatment of fever
Llerena Santa Cruz E, Guarch Ibáñez B, Buñuel Álvarez JC. Evid Pediatr. 2012;8:18
AVC | Viewing smoking depictions in films increases the risk of smoking
Rivas Juesas C, Gimeno Díaz de Atauri Á. Evid Pediatr. 2012;8:19
Bases of evidence based medicine
MBE | Checklists guide studies of diagnostic tests included in systematic reviews: QUADAS statement
González Rodríguez MP, Velarde Mayol C. Evid Pediatr. 2012;8:20
Other articles selected but not critically appraised